Feb 27, 2023

Why You Need a Business Coach… And How To Find The Right One

Image by pressfoto on Freepik

by Natalie Jones

Successful entrepreneurs are cut from the same cloth. Although their passions, business ventures, and personal journeys are distinctly different, they all share one innate characteristic that seems to separate them from the rest. A strong sense of self is the common denominator in true entrepreneurship. 

While it may be surprising to some, many entrepreneurs have coaches they turn to sharpen their skills, vet new ideas, and enhance their business acumen. By fully understanding their unique strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and abilities, entrepreneurs can more easily recognize the spaces where they can leverage knowledge from outside of themselves to take the actions needed to advance their pursuits. 

Whether it’s to gain access to a new perspective, build confidence, be held accountable, or master leadership skills, most entrepreneurs have found value in connecting with the right mentor or coach at some point during their journey. It would only make sense that joining forces with someone who has ‘been there, done that’ is beneficial, no matter which stage of the entrepreneurial process they are in. 

Get Clear on Your Goals

Once you have decided that you’re ready to receive insight and guidance from a business coach, you need to consider a few things to give yourself the best chance against choosing the wrong one. After all, wasted resources and time are counterproductive to your goals and the growth of your business. 

There are countless business coaches who specialize in different sectors and modalities. You may have already encountered overwhelming results from a simple Google search. However, finding the best coach for you doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Having a clear sense of your business’ goals and identity (separate from your identity), and the challenges you’re facing in growing the business, can help with finding a coach that fits both your needs and approach. Remembering to have an open mind, and a willingness to invest in yourself and your business is key to being coachable and ultimately benefiting from the relationship. 

Align Your Values

Rather than leaving it up to fate, timing, or a Google search, the most important element to finding a good business coach is based on your gut instinct. It should feel right. You need to be secure in knowing he or she is genuinely motivated by your growth and that the intentions aren’t backed strictly by the financial gain from your business. 

Lucas Mitchell, Business Coach and Founder of the consulting firm Nourish & Sow, shares that it is just as important to him as it is to his clients that the connection is mutually rooted in authenticity and shared values. 

“I’m selective in who I work with because I know I am a producer myself and I encourage action, not just the consumption of information,” he explains. “I want to be sure that I’m not just adding to my clients’ to-do lists, but that they’re investing in real, actionable tools. I’m conscious of their time and more importantly, their resources.”

Experience is the Best Teacher

Once you have determined what specific aspects of your business you want to hone in on, be sure you’re considering a coach who has experience and wisdom in those realms. 

For example, Mitchell, who is also the co-founder and operating partner of a 25-location business with over 500 employees, advises that if your business is growing too big, too quickly, you’ll want to receive feedback and advice from a coach who has a proven track record in improving operations, organizational procedures, and scaling strategies.

“In the restaurant business, I started out being an operator for somebody else and then out of the gate, bought five restaurants, and a year later, bought 13 restaurants, so I know that scaling is something I help with,” Mitchell says. “Those are the types of entrepreneurs I want to work with because I thrive in that environment.” 

Although specific challenges may be the leading force behind why entrepreneurs initially seek out a business coach, in some cases, those who are generally doing well still benefit from the leadership skills, empowerment, and reassurance they receive from the coaching relationship. 

“Sometimes an entrepreneur just needs reassurance from somebody who has done it,” Mitchell says. “They just want to know they’re doing the right thing, and that’s enough. Maybe a small tweak to a good idea turns it into a great idea. That builds confidence for them to move on. It makes my day to receive feedback that I’ve positively impacted someone’s business and life.

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