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Nourish & Sow works exclusively with entrepreneurs to strategically scale their companies.

Through the implementation of custom business solutions around people, processes, and technology, Nourish & Sow gives its clients the tools to elevate and grow on their terms.

Expert divisions of Nourish and Sow.

What we do and how we can help you grow.

Beyond our growing community of entrepreneurs are expert divisions that implement custom solutions and systems. By working with these specialized teams, clients from all over the map and across countless industries are improving daily operations for future expansion.

Is there an area of your business you need to revamp in real time? Get connected with an expert in that field.


HRM & Hiring Solutions

We find the best talent for your team and show you how to keep them happy, engaged, and productive. 

Talent Acquisition | Staff Onboarding & Training | HR Policies & Handbooks | HRM Technologies



Our entrepreneurial and traditional experience allows us to create efficiencies and margin in business operations.

CRM Setup | Workflow Tech | SOP Creation | Company Vision & Culture | Business Mentorship



We deliver practical solutions to fit the needs of your business and leverage technology for growth and profit.

Tech Stack Setup | Custom Integrations | Al App Development | Full Stack Custom Solutions


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Business Mentorship

Sometimes a little insight, at the right moment, makes all the difference.

Most entrepreneurs start their own business because they want more freedom or have a vision they want to turn into reality. But often, the challenges of running a business can stunt growth and send entrepreneurs off track. Having an objective mentor to provide experience and insight is a great way to maintain momentum when challenges arise.

Through 1:1 business mentorships, Lucas and Andrew deliver practical and tactical recommendations that are easy to understand and easy to implement. As a result, mentorship clients are able to get into alignment with their goals and ultimately achieve growth in their business.

Case Studies

We make your business work for you.

From updating antiquated tracking systems and revamping daily operations by streamlining technologies to finding that essential new hire while also making sure they are properly trained for their new role, the expert divisions of Nourish & Sow are saving clients time and money and freeing them from unnecessary daily frustration. The result is more time to focus on future growth and expansion.

Our Work & Results 

Check out the innovative solutions we've developed and implemented for clients just like you.

Entrepreneur Resources

Download these valuable small business resources to start making positive changes today.

SowTalent Hiring Playbook

We’ved developed our simplified method to expedite the hiring process and present clients with the most qualified candidates. Learn more about our approach in The SowTalent Playbook.

Nourish & Sow Energy Guide

We work with entrepreneurs to increase what sparks inspiration and reduce what blocks progress. Use the guide to track your weekly activities to find what ignites and what dims your creative spark.

Automated Marketing Guide

You’ve probably heard others talk about it, but do you know how automated marketing works and why it’s essential for any business? Download our simple guide to take the next step in building your client-facing marketing plan.