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Transforming Inventory Management from Manual to Modern

How SowOps took a manual inventory tracking problem and turned it into a streamlined ordering and sales process with Zoho Inventory

Based in Nashville, TN, Spruce Music (dba Miller Piano Specialists) aims to be a game-changer in piano sales and services. The first phase of their mission focused on operational improvements that could support exponential growth. Under the new management of industry veteran Travis Mitchell, MPS recruited SowOps to help fine-tune and integrate an inventory management solution that would save time, improve stock visibility, and increase operational efficiency.

The SowOps team helped MPS move from manually managing inventory across several platforms, and countless spreadsheets, to a unified inventory control system that gave 100% accessibility across departments and substantially reduced inventory discrepancies. By eradicating inconsistencies and improving communication company-wide, MPS emerged empowered to tackle the next phase of their development with a sharper focus on business expansion and customer engagement.




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