Tech Stack Set-Up

If you’re starting a new business, or rethinking your existing business technologies, instead of using your friend who’s “good with computers” to set up your tech stack, turn to the professionals at SowLabs.

From email to CRMs and workflow management to invoicing,  we’ve set up dozens of systems for clients (and ourselves) and have learned the best, most efficient methods to install and connect the business technologies you use every day.

Wait, What is a ‘Tech Stack’ ?

Great question! Very simply, ‘Tech Stack’ means all of the different technology tools an organization might use to conduct its business.

Here are some examples of common business technology tools…

Your Problem, Meet Our Solution

Entrepreneurs who run lean operations and may not have someone on their team who can manage the time consuming (and somewhat technical) set-up of new business technologies.

Our highly experienced technology and business operations team will take the weight off your shoulders and implement all of your essential technologies so you can do what you do best.

Our Tech Stack Set-Up Includes…


Review of all current or desired technologies.

Examples include: team email/communication platforms, CRMs, marketing, client communication, workflow/project/task management, and industry specific software


Administrator-level setup of all desired technologies, includes creating profiles and ensuring access for each team member.


Limited to setting up pre-built systems and ‘out of the box’ technologies; custom setup of technologies and integrations would be bid separately

Delivery Timeline:
2-6 weeks

depending on number of technologies included in setup project

Project Cost Range:

depending on number of technologies included in setup project